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Life Lessons: 48 – Just Do It

Life Lessons: 48 – Just Do It

nikeHave you seen the Nike slogan? I just love it! It says – Just do it. It is one reason why I love my Nike t-shirt; the slogan does give inspiration, and it makes you feel empowered.

On a number of occasions when I want to boost my confidence to achieve a goal, I put on my Nike t-shirt with its bold “Just do it” inscription. It makes me feel like a superhero – you know, Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, etc. – they always change into their costume when they get ready for a mission – my Nike t-shirt is my costume for action!

Over the years I have come to realise that there are four things that held me back from acting on a number of my ideas, and I found this to be true with a number of people as well. The first is our fear, fear of failure and fear of others; since I learnt about the two sides of fear (see Lesson 1) I have come to handle my fear much better.

The second is the lack of confidence in our ability. We sometimes underestimate our abilities, and when we do so we deplete our motivation and determination for success even before we start. In recent times, my use of the wall of greatness (see Lesson 5) has been my confidence booster.

The third reason that stops us from ‘just doing it’ is procrastination; we keep on putting it off though we know that it has to be done (See Lesson 8).

The fourth is the excuse that we are waiting for the right time; what right time? I have come to learn that now is always the right time to do the right thing. We cannot expect everything to be smooth before starting.

So my good friend, now is the time for action; go get yourself a Nike t-shirt and ‘Just do it’. Remember if we say we will wait for all the traffic lights on the highway to turn green before we start driving, we will never ever get started, so ‘Just do it’! .

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