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Life Lessons: 44 – Read the Signs for When a Lady Loves You

Life Lessons: 44 – Read the Signs for When a Lady Loves You

love-309aThe “normal” expectation is for a man who loves a woman to express his feelings for her by proposing love to her. The lady will either say yes or no, or most of the time she will tell him that she wants time to think about it.

Yet there are times when a woman is deeply in love with a man, but because the “normal” process is for the man to propose, the woman will not express her feelings either verbally or through other direct means to the man. She will, however, use various signs, signals, or hints to express her love for the man and the expectation is that the man will see these signals and then act on them by proposing to her.

Well, times have changed and many a woman are openly expressing their love for the man they love, but a good number are still using the signals to send out the message to the guys. So if you are a man, it is in your best interest to know these signals

Over the last few years I have collected a number of these signals and oh my, if I only knew them earlier, I would not have suffered so much in my love adventures. Thankfully, it was not too late for me and I got the lady of my dreams. I hope it is not too late for you too. Note: Though that there are much more signs than I have listed below and that my top ten does not guarantee anything, here are my top ten signals to look out for:

  1. She calls you by the pet name your mother calls you,
  2. She drops going out with her girlfriends to be with you,
  3. She wants to cook for you – even if she is not good at it,
  4. She keeps telling you how many kids she wishes to have,
  5. She asks you who that lady you were speaking with is to you,
  6. She wants to know all your friends and be friends with them,
  7. She laughs at your jokes which your guy friends don’t laugh to,
  8. She wants to introduce you to her family,
  9. She dresses up for you and
  10. She sits at your bed side like your mother when you are sick.

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