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Life Lessons: 39 – Edison Tried a Thousand Times

Life Lessons: 39 – Edison Tried a Thousand Times

thomas-edisonEdison is one man I admire greatly. He was a man of many discoveries and one of the people whose inventions then have defined our everyday lives today. His invention of the electric bulb alone is enough to call him one of the greatest scientists to have changed our lives.

I first read of Edison when I was in primary school in the book The Greatest Scientists of All Time. As a child I was fascinated by the inventions of these great men and women whose labour has improved the lives of humanity as a whole. Sometimes we take their work for granted; how many times do we think of Edison when we switch on the lights at night?

As I grew up I started to see more in these men and women like Edison beyond simply their inventions. I started to look at their attitude and their mind set; the values they upheld and the principles they built their lives upon. When I was a child, Edison was to me the man who invented the light bulb. Today, Edison is to me the man who tried a thousand times. When I was younger all I could see was the end results; today I see the process that led to that result.

Ask yourself: have you tried a thousand times to achieve something? Don’t we usually give up after a few tries? That is what makes Edison special – he did not give up, he never stopped trying. He had belief, a strong will and an unfading persistence, commitment and dedication. Imagine, if we follow his process, what great things we will achieve ourselves!

If we all resolve to try at least a thousand times, how much better would our quality of life be? It has taken me more than fifty attempts to write a book. I am sure that now that you are reading it, but it would have taken me another fifty more attempts. However, as I sit writing this chapter, it is my resolve to try at least a thousand times to complete it and get it into your hands. Why not? It took Edison a thousand tries, and if that is what will be required of me, I will do it!

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