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Life Lessons: 29 – There is Nothing like Luck

Life Lessons: 29 – There is Nothing like Luck

Good-Luck-1973933For centuries, people have tried to attract good luck while having all sorts of means to ward off the bad. In most counties, many hope luck will be on their side to win big in the lottery. However, the fact is that the chances of winning the lottery could be one out of a million. This definitely shows that man’s efforts to attract good luck have not been very successful.

I have come to realise that the belief in luck is closely associated with the belief in a higher being who favours people with it. I am a very religious person who believes and worships a supreme being who I believe is the maker of the heavens and earth. I also believe in random occurrences and coincidences in life, but to live my life expecting luck to come around and change things for the better has never made sense to me. I have two reasons for this.

First of all, if I was the supreme being of the universe and had to show favour to some of my people, would I do that randomly or would I select those who are truly deserving of it (either because their worship to me has been satisfactory, or have proved by deeds that they are truly deserving of favour)? Selecting, right? Would you have done differently? Rationally, I do not think so. Deserving ones need to prove by doing hard work that they are deserving.

My second reason lies in the fact that the greatest majority of the world’s most successful people did not achieve what they did by relying on chance. These men and women clearly knew what they wanted and toiled hard to get it, so when the opportunity arrived, they grasped it with both hands. Even then, they still had to work at turning those opportunities into results.

While chances do happen, facts show that they are just one in a million. Why put your trust into probabilities while there is proof that the majority who have worked hard and prepared themselves become successful?  For me, the best definition for luck is ‘opportunity meeting preparedness’ and one book I loved to read on this topic is the ‘Richest Man in Babylon’. You can download it for free from here: www.albertopoku.com/downloads/trmib.

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