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Life Lessons: 27 – Parents Know More About Love

Life Lessons: 27 – Parents Know More About Love

love-309aHave you ever called your parents old fashioned? Well I have!  Truthfully, our pops and mums could be pretty old fashioned. My grandmother believes the internet is absolutely useless; my pop on the other hand, does not go that extreme; he does not consider it useless, but he does not care a heck of a lot about it and has never cared to ask how to use it…. See, I told you they are quite old fashioned.

However, over the course of my life, I have come to be convinced of the fact that one of the many things our parents know more about than we do is love. Unlike technology which goes obsolete with time, the principles and facts of love are always very current. There is no “version 2” of love. It has, and trust me it will always be, “version 1”. On account of this, our parents have, over the course of their lives, accumulated the knowledge about the best way around this age old feeling of love.

When I was old enough to begin my own love adventures, I kept on making all the right moves recommend by my peers… Well, at least that’s how I saw it then, but I could still not get the girl I wanted. I ended up saying, like most guys do, that “men just cannot understand women” and that “women are too complex”. Ah! How wrong I was. After a number of frustrations, I turned to my mama for training on lovemetrics. It was then that I began to understand the intricacies of women and the sublime tactics of how to wow the delicate heart of a woman, such as what to say at what time, how to look into her eyes, and a lot more.

So you guys out there who are still struggling to get the love of a woman or have got one, but are finding it hard to understand her, or if you are married and having problems with your wife; turn to your mama for lessons in the ‘art of love’, trust me, your love live will never be the same again!

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