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Life Lessons: 25 – Leadership can be Learned

Life Lessons: 25 – Leadership can be Learned

leadershipYou may have heard the whole controversy about whether some people are born leaders or whether leadership is a skill that can be learned. Although it is an interesting debate, it is not one I am particularly drawn into. I am of the view that both sides have strong points that give credence to their claims.

On my part, I believe that some people are really born with the traits and qualities of a leader, and without much effort from themselves, they are able to lead others. I also believe that we are all given a fair dose of leadership qualities; sometimes this is buried deep within us, while other traits such as timidity, cowardice, and fear dominate our personality and stifle our dose of leadership ability.

If you consider yourself as one of the many in the latter category, then you need to take four keys actions to become a leader. The first two are relatively easy:

  • To strongly desire to want to become a leader; this is fundamental to your leadership quest.
  • To learn through reading and observation the qualities that leaders display under various circumstances.

These two will be more challenging:

  • To decrease the dominate traits of fear, timidity, and cowardice that rules your personality.
  • To display by action and deeds, the less dominant traits of courage; taking responsibly and standing up to challenges.

Like myself, your transformation will not happen in days, weeks, or months; it took me years and it may take you the same if you wish to become a leader. None-the-less, as you begin your journey on this self-transformational path, you will gradually notice that you are improving little by little.

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