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Life Lessons: 24 – A blog is more powerful than a CV/Résumé

Life Lessons: 24 – A blog is more powerful than a CV/Résumé

Employment is a global problem, for many young undergraduates finding a job becomes their most important concern in the final year of school. Key to securing a job is a well-crafted CV/Résumé, this document tells your prospective employer what your skills, knowledge and experience are as well as people who would vouch for you – your referees. Most employers use the CV/Résumé to short list applicants for interviewing.

In our current times, the internet and social networking has become an integral part of our lives. Statistics have it that 45% of internet users have a blog and over 75% have read a blog. I have found a blog to be much more powerful than a CV/Résumé.

My blog gives me a great platform to express in detail my abilities and capabilities. It provides a much bigger platform for me to aggregate ‘referees’ via comments made by visitors to my blog as well as readership subscriptions, which are  more powerful referees than the three referees on my CV. My blog allows me to prove to any prospective employer that I know my stuff and I am an expert at what I say I know. My blog opens me to people all over the world, it has helped me meet and build hundreds of networks that would not have been possible without my blog. I have found my blog to be my most important online platform for personal branding and personal development and growth.

Do you have a blog? How has it helped you? Share your experience in the comment area below.



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  1. Albert, I’m keeping up with your 100 lessons. I haven’t gotten around with running a blog yet though I write, sometimes. The follow a number of blogs including yours. I see you use wordpress. How much do you pay for it? I was on blogspot but I didn’t like it. Can you help me out successful blogger?

    1. Dear Don
      Thanks for following th 100 Lessons series. I am happy you wish to really blog, I used to use blogger, those times it was not as great as it is now I must confess. I prefer WordPress because of its flexibility. WordPress comes in two shades, the free blogging space on WordPress.com where you can create a free blog but will usually have a domin name like http://www.myblog.wordpress.com or you can could download the wordpress software itself from http://www.wordpress.org and install it on your o own host along with your own domain name such as http://www.donsetor.com.
      Note that the latter is what I use but it does cost, the domain name could cost you on the average $10 a year and the hosting apx $50 a year and if you can’t create the blog on your host yourself you may have to pay a web developer to do that usually arround $100. If you are interested in this option, my company could do it all for you for $75.

  2. i have found blogging to be one of the best way to show what lies deep inside of you and to share your passion with a larger audience. It is also a good tool for branding and meeting like minded people. The caption of my blog reads- What would you choose- a bag full of gold or a tablet full of words of wisdom? let me know your reply

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