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Life Lessons: 22 – Know What Your Talents Are and Polish Them

Life Lessons: 22 – Know What Your Talents Are and Polish Them

hidden_talentWhat is a talent? Dictionary.com defines it as a special natural ability or aptitude. The key word worth noting is “special”. This means that it goes beyond the normal distribution that may be available to others. Almost anyone who can speak can also sing, but does that turn every one of us into a musician? Definitely not! Although we do have our fair share of the ability, many of us do not have the added “special” dose to warrant calling our singing ability a talent.

Growing up, I could not tell what my talents were; my soccer skills were below average, my voice was and is still terrible, and the less said about my dancing skills, the better. I never for once believed I had a talent. As a result, all my aspirations were toward hitting averages.

In time, I came to learn that all of us do have at least four main talents, though they may not be obvious as it may be in others; for some of us, our talents are gold still in ore and need discovering and refining.

With this new understanding, I pledged to find in myself those four “special” abilities I have. It took me loads of work, but I was helped by the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton. Based on the themes used in the book, I realised that I have the following strengths: 1) Activator, 2) Communication 3) Command and 4) Intellection. You can download an extract of the book at www.albertopoku.com/ndys.

By the book, Strength is Talent + Knowledge + Skills. I am convinced that every single person has a talent, and by adding the needed knowledge and skill; you can have that “special” ability in at least four things. Your talents may not be plainly obvious and like me you will have to dig deep and work hard at polishing them to a bright shine, but I know you can.

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