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Life Lessons: 19 – Go to the Best School If You Can

Life Lessons: 19 – Go to the Best School If You Can

best-school-seal-2-300x300I do not need to be a prophet to know you are educated; once you are reading this book it is obvious you have some education. Knowing how to read and write are primary reasons why our parents sent us to school (as well as to enable us gain the necessary skills and knowledge to build a career). It stands to reason, therefore, that you should attend the best school you can.

I cannot complain of the level of education I have received so far. I went to very good schools and have acquired the needed skills and knowledge for my current career. However, if I were to relive my life all over again, I would definitely make a few changes to some of the educational institutions I attended.

Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with the quality of education I received in these institutions, but everything to do with the other non-curricular benefits associated with a particular school; one benefit worthy of mention are the people who become our classmates. As I grew older, I realised that a number of opportunities that had come my way had been through friends I had made in school. For example, I got my first job through a classmate who called me about an opening in his organisation.

You may have heard this statement: “your network determines your net worth”. I have found it to be very true. We live in an information age where the most relevant information is gained through our networks. Your classmates are one of your most valuable networks, so if you attended one of the best schools in your country, chances are you will build a very valuable network of people who are “people” or who know “people”. If you are contemplating furthering schooling for yourself or your children, go for the best school if you can afford it.

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