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Life Lessons: 18 – Keep On Keeping On

Life Lessons: 18 – Keep On Keeping On

hearts-of-oak-players“Never say die until the bones are rotten” – this is the slogan of one of the most popular football teams in Africa – Accra Hearts of Oak, based in the capital city of Ghana. These words are the last words of the club’s anthem.

I have observed with interest that a number of times, when the team is down by a goal and their supporters chant out the team’s song, the players become possessed with their “die hard” spirit; they chase after every ball, launch fearless tackles, and run every inch of the field.

I have tried to ingrain this mentality of unswerving persistence and commitment to the achievement of my goals. None of my current achievements has been without obstacles and setbacks, but with a strong will and determination I have been met with success. Interestingly at the point where I almost gave up, I had but to push on one more time and there, success awaited me.

I have more goals yet in front of me, such as my current desire to sell a million copies of this book. It is a huge goal for a person based in a third world country in Africa, yet I strongly believe that it is achievable and that I need to keep on keeping on with every ounce of energy in me.

You too may have goals. Never doubt that goals can come true, but only if we hold on to the dream and maintain our burning desire for success as well as our sense of purpose. We must “walk the talk” by working hard, seeking support from others and exploring new ways of achieving our goals.

For you to continue keeping on, especially in the face of obstacles, note the words highlighted in bold. They are the words that has the power to keep you and I going.

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