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Life Lessons: 10 – Office Wars Are Useless

Life Lessons: 10 – Office Wars Are Useless

office warsI have heard many people described the corporate world as a “dog eat dog” world. The reason why they describe it as such is because in most companies across the world, there are serious competitions among colleagues for promotion. These competitions could lead to the formation of cliques within offices, with them fighting against each other for any and all rewards.

I once worked in an office where I clearly saw the “dog eat dog” mentality. The office had a cold war where most of the staff had sides they belonged to. There were some people in the office that had a “get it at all cost” philosophy and cared less about who was affected by their desire to climb up the corporate leader.

After years of working, I have come to know that taking sides in these office wars is totally unproductive and useless. Stepping on others to get to the top is both unethical and selfish, and most often those who do so get to realise when they get to the top that those below will do all they can to being them down.

I have come to believe that a neutral stand with these office wars is the best – so I do not take sides. It is a difficult choice to make and a much more challenging stand to continually uphold and defend. When a “war” breaks out between the two groups, the pressure from both sides pick one or the other can be really tough, but interestingly, when you hold onto your resolve, both sides gradually see you as the only person they can trust to be neutral in judging matters. Most often, before they know it, you will invariably be selected as the leader.

So if you do your job well and do not get involved in office politics and wars, chances are you can make it to the top and will be able to stay there without constant back biting and coup attempts trying to bring you down.

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