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Life Lessons: 9 – Be the Best You Can Be in Everything

Life Lessons: 9 – Be the Best You Can Be in Everything

????????“Good, better, best, may I never rest, until my good is better, and my better, best.” This is a line from a song I learnt in kindergarten. This song shows that whenever we put effort into any endeavour, the quality of our effort could be ‘good’,’ better’, or our very ‘best’.

As a kid in kindergarten, I did not know the significance of the song I was singing. Now I am old enough to grasp its magnitude. I have come to discover that results are usually proportionate to the effort that is put into the endeavour. Simply put – if your effort is ‘good’, the results will most likely be good as well, but is good the ultimate? Definitely not!

In school, when you scored 6/10 in an examination, the remark from your teacher was “good”, but when the score was 9/10 or 10/10, the remark was “excellent”. It took a good effort to produce 6/10, but it required your ‘best’ effort to produce an ‘excellent’ 9/10.

This is not only true in the classroom, but in every facet of your lives; be it at work, in your relationships, bringing up your kids, or taking care of your health. In all your endeavours you should aim for being the best you can be. Yes, you should give it your best shot. When you put in your best effort, you will most likely not feel regrets, even if the results are not ‘excellent’. This is because you are satisfied knowing you did the best you could do.

Your best will not happen in a day, but through practise, patience and commitment you will move gradually from good to better, and then to best. So, as the song goes, “may you never rest, until your good is better and your better, best”.

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