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Life Lessons: 7 – Know the truth about time

Life Lessons: 7 – Know the truth about time

timeHow many times have you heard about the importance of time management? And how many of those times have you said in response “I don’t have time?” I would guess quite a few. Time seems to be one of the things we want so much more of and yet we always have so little of it. Amazingly when we have it, we seem to spend it in a manner contrary to how we want to utilise it, and then we end up saying “I have wasted time”.

Time is indeed precious; I remember reading an article in one issue of “Awake Magazine” (published by Jehovah’s Witnesses). A portion of it read “… take a look at your calendar and your watch, this day and this time will never come back again – so make good use of it”. Yes, every single second is a once in a lifetime moment – never to be repeated. It is here now, so make use of it. One truth you should know about time is that time and tide waits for no man.

We hear the phrase “Time Management” frequently, but can we really manage time? The first truth about time is that it is fixed: no matter what we do, there will always be only 24 hours in a day. The second truth about time is that there is nothing close to time management. It is all about “self-management” – scheduling our affairs to make the best use of time as it passes by.

We cannot buy, save, or stop time (although we use these terms metaphorically). We can only use time – wisely or otherwise.

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