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Life Lessons: 6 – Decisions are what define us

Life Lessons: 6 – Decisions are what define us

lender-decisions (1)We are doing the job we are doing now because we decided to apply for it. We are with our current partner because we decided to marry him or her. In truth, we are what we are today because of the decisions we made in the past. Those decisions, whether good or bad, have defined our current personality and circumstance.

When I came to the realisation that the decisions and choices that I made in the past defined what I am, I inferred that the decisions I make now will define and determine who I will be tomorrow. I realised that we are the authors of the script of our lives and that the decisions we make are the lines we play in this movie called life.

So every few months I take time to analyse the decisions I have made so far and I ask myself whether or not I am happy with the results. There are always some which I am proud of and these go onto my “Wall of Greatness” (see lesson number five). For those that I am not proud of, I look at them regardless from their positive side and let them guide me in making better decisions in the future.

If our decisions in the past have determined our present, then we have the ability to craft the kind of future we desire. With this truth in mind, spend time picking the decisions you will make today which will make your tomorrow what you want it to be. It may not turn our exactly how you want it to, but if you aim for the mountains, even if you should fall, you shall fall on a hill!

Have you been satisfied with the decisions you have made in life so far? Can you make new decisions to “craft” your tomorrow? I believe you can.

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