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Life Lessons: 3 – It Is Never Too Late To Say Thank You

Life Lessons: 3 – It Is Never Too Late To Say Thank You


There are some people who are happy with how their lives have turned out so far and of course there are those who wish for a better outcome. No matter which side you belong to, our lives are full of people who have been helpful to us over the years.

I know how my life has turned out over the last couple of years, and although I would have wished for much better results, I have not done badly. I have more to be proud of than to regret. Upon reflection, I have realised I could not have come this far without others being there for me. I have had helpers all the way, from family and friends to complete strangers.

In our moments of great need and desperation, and in times of distress and trials, others usually have always been there for us. Some gave us love, others made us cry, some gave us money, and others gave us advice. Some offered kind words; others, harsh words of truth.  They gave us the strength, will, faith, and belief to go on when we would give up.

A couple of years ago I asked myself: “Have I said ‘thank you’ to the people who influenced me life?” I realised there were many I wish I had said it to. Some of these people I’ve been unable to contact, but for those I could trace, I bought over a hundred postcards and mailed them. In the cards, I told each of them how they had contributed to my life, and how thankful I was to them. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

Too many times we want to show our appreciation through expensive gifts and keep on waiting for the right time, but what is really important is that these people did what they did for us without expecting or requiring any form of pay in return. Just the words thank you are enough to show your gratitude.  You’ll be amazed how much their knowledge of your appreciation can brighten up their spirits.

So list down all the people who have contributed to your life in any small way and go say thank you to them. Just a phone call, letter, SMS, or an email is all it takes.

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