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Financial Management Presentation

Financial Management Presentation

Gideon and I gave a presentation on Financial Management at KNUST on Saturday 19 June 2010, our presentation covered the following areas:
1. Financial Literacy  and Financial Planning
2. Stages of wealth creation
3. Cash flow pattens
4. The Power of Compounding

To download a copy of our slides in PDF please click here. For the Compounding excel sheet click here.

If you were at the presentation, we will be happy to hear your feedback, please leave a comment.

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  1. i was at the presentation and i really enjoyed it. Thanks to the both of you, i had already started saving but you guys have really urged me to pump in more money and more effort. But you mentioned a spreadsheet, i can’t find that one over here cuz i wanna download it.

  2. hi, great stuff! i however require some few clarifications on your spreadsheet.

    1. is the ineterst rate P.A.?
    2. is the regular payment/contribution supposed to be invested monthly?
    3. i want to believe that using the FV function in excel should yield the same result.

    kindly confirm if that is supposed to be the case.

    i love investments, and the concept of little by little.. however i believe the real value of investments should be talked about much rather than the nominal value. we most often shun away from discussing the effect of inflation. as an investor i believe ur benchmark rate should always be higher than the inflation rate in order to get good value for your money.


    1. Dear Joey, please see my responds below:
      1. is the interest rate P.A.? YES
      2. is the regular payment/contribution supposed to be invested monthly?YES
      3. I want to believe that using the FV function in excel should yield the same result.Most likely, you might have to compensate for decimal places in the calculations

      I do agree that the FVs must be converted to their real value so as to determine the true valuation of the remaining portion of the initial investment as well as determine the true value of the interest gained.
      Thanks for raising this point

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