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Be Motivated – Take Action

Be Motivated – Take Action

As you become more aware, you’ll notice that motives usually come in three forms: fear, incentive or growth. People are motivated by fear, but the result is short-term motivation. People are motivated by incentive, which is a step up from fear, but not everyone gets excited by the same incentives. People are also motivated by growth and this is by far the best and longest lasting motivator.

Wise managers who want to be motivators will find the areas of personal growth their people need and want and then strategize ways to deliver “growth” benefits.

As a manager, you must educate yourself about the attitudes and perceptions of your staff. What are they thinking? What’s happening to them? You’ve got to know this information.

Don’t allow assumptions to guide your management decisions. Base your decisions on education. To do so, analyze every situation so that you know what’s going on.

Get involved in motivating your staff. Find out what they need, be sure you understand their experiences, and then do something about it. Provide the “growth” opportunities that will motivate your staff. Also, get your staff involved in the work. Don’t do the job yourself. Empower your staff to get involved. That’s motivating!

Successful managers who motivate people are aware, they analyze, and they take action. Now you know the three A’s of Motivation — so go out there and motivate some people today.

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