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My Presentation at the Global Villagers Forum

My Presentation at the Global Villagers Forum

Mr presentation on Online income opportunities at the Global Villagers Forum 2011, covered the following areas:
1. The side of  Google and Yahoo you did not know about
2. Making money from blogging
3. On-line Freelancing
4. Hapaweb Solutions

To download a copy of the slide in PDF please click here.

If you were at the presentation, I will be happy to hear your feedback, please leave a comment.

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  1. your presentation at the global villager forum was great and to be true with you your part of the presentation rised my interest to be part of the family, blogger. Jehovah be with you in all your endeavours. I would be grateful if you would coach my to become a blogger. Hoping you wont turn your back on me if i do contact you. Splendid presentation..thank for the impartation…BRAVOO!

    1. Hey long time Richard, thanks for the words of encourage…I am hoping to run a one day training on building your own website/blog and how to be a better blogger…I will update you soon on it

  2. it was realy amazing to see young person like albert achieving whole lot, his presentation was realy catching,,,i realy admire u young+adventrous+willing yaw

  3. I albert cudnt be there for the seminar,Some of us are workng smart to see d horizon u didnt see. lets change our world one blog a tym.YES we CAN

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