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book_cover_albert_yaw_opoku_52_lessons_of_life_book_cover copyLet us get started with two facts on this point: 1) not everyone wants to be an author and 2) many who wish to write a book never get to write one. Many avid readers fall within the second group and most – probably including yourself – have at one point actually started writing a book but never got to finish it.

There are countless number of times I had started a book only to abandon it before I even got to chapter three. The farthest I had gone before with this book was chapter five. So why is it that many wannabe authors never get to achieve their desire of publishing a book?

For me, I realised it was down to two reasons; the first had to do to my ever present procrastination habit and the second was because after I had written the first twenty pages, I felt writing the next hundred or so pages was just too much work. For others, they abandon their writing due to lack of time or the drying of their creative spring.

If you have been struggling to write a book then I have good news for you! Look at me, yes, even me – I finally got to write a book and I believe you can too. How did I do it? First I made a promise to myself that I was going to cross out ‘writing a book’ off of my “bucket list” in 2014. Then I chose to follow my University lecturer’s style of writing; he writes just one page a day, which translates into 356 pages a year. I went in for one page per week – that will turn out to be not less than 52 pages in a year. Finally, I used some of my weekly writings as content for my blog (

So give it a try; write just a page each day or at least a page each week. You may miss a few days, but if you aim for a two hundred page book, you still can do it within a year. I believe there is at least one book in everyone. The least you can do is write one book in your lifetime to contribute to human knowledge.  Remember a page a day or one a week will give you a book in a year.

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