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watching-tvThe television is one of man’s greatest inventions; it is the biggest source of entertainment in most countries worldwide. With many T.V stations available in many countries coupled with cable and satellite channels, viewers are spoilt for choice and are spending an increasingly greater number of hours behind the silver screen.

When I was in my twenties, I used to be glued to the T.V for hours. As the principle of opportunity cost has it, the more time I spent behind the T.V screen, the less time I had for more important things. I was sure T.V watching was one reason I could not make any improvement in my fight against procrastination. I knew I had to be moderate in my T.V viewing, but I just could not get myself to do it!

Then, one day, I read an article which was to change everything. The article was on how to make time for the more important things. In commenting on how to be moderate in watching T.V, the writer recommended that after watching T.V for some reasonable time, we should ask ourselves “Which side of the screen am I?”

You see, there are two sides of the screen, the person on T.V is on one side, and you, the viewer, is on the other side. The former is being paid to be on that side of the screen, but what about you? Are you being paid to be on the viewing side of the screen? Definitely not! So while the person on T.V is at work and earning money, you are on the other side wasting time and spending money through electricity bills and cable TV fees. Since then, my T.V watching habit changed completely.

So, any time you find yourself spending more than two hours watching T.V, or wasting time on any other not so essential activity. Ask yourself, “Which side of the screen am I?” For you either making money or wasting it.

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