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The honest truth is that I still do not know how to swim.  This is one of the things I should have learnt a long time ago but did not, and as such I have an ever present fear of drowning; especially when I am on a plane flying over the sea. I keep wondering what I would do if we should crash into the sea. It is not that I am a pessimist, but I rather like to have a plan B, and knowing how to swim for someone who travels quite often seems to be a good plan B.

Knowing how to swim has other benefits beyond surviving a plane crash. You never know when you will have to rescue someone who is drowning. How would you feel seeing someone drown and being incapable of doing anything to save him/her because you never learnt how to swim? It would not be a pleasant experience.

One other reason to learn how to swim is for the pure relaxation that comes with swimming in the pool or in the sea on a hot afternoon. Just imagine the cool water over your body as the sun shines on you! Oh, and the refreshing feeling it gives you. Man, I am missing one of the best pleasures of life just because I do not know how to swim – all I do when I get to the pool is dangle my feet in the water!

Swimming is also one of the best forms of exercise as it requires the movement of all the muscles in your body. With all these reasons, I have made a resolution to learn how to swim and so should you if you do not as yet know how to swim.

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