Albert Opoku

The Journey Within

The Journey Within - 52 Stories to Make You Laugh, Think and Grow Wiser

52 Stories to Make You Laugh, Think and Grow Wiser

The book contains old stories that I have heard or read in my journey across several countries. Each story has been reimagined and recreated within the context of an African country, with my own unique twist added to each narrative.

These stories provide a glimpse into the wisdom, challenges, and enduring spirit of the African people. You will encounter a diverse range of characters, from farmers and kings to eagles and starfish, navigating through comfort zones and unforgiving deserts.

The stories delve into themes of honesty, responsibility, love, and self-worth, serving as beacons of wisdom that guide us through the complexities of our own choices.


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Readers Reviews

"In this book, Albert shares from a place of compassion, openness, and sincerity. Especially in a generation where there is so much desire to present a perfect picture, Albert bares it all and presents the lessons he has learned in a simple, straightforward, and relatable manner. I look forward to the other books that will follow this one and fully and completely endorse this debut work as a must-read for everyone. "
"Fantastic. I have always wondered how a book that Albert finally decides to write will look and feel like. I'm glad to say it is exactly as I thought. Witty, funny, straight to the point and still profound. This book manages to compress a lifetime of life lessons in very short chapters that can be read at a sitting. The bonus is you get to learn in a few hours what has taken him over four decades to know. Definetely recommended. "
"What a delightful read!!! I haven't picked up a book and read it cover to cover in ages. I truly love the content, as I could practically identify with most, if not all, you said. Truly something to share with my boys and their generation as it addresses issues clearly that I would love to have shared with them if I could put it in to words. I do appreciate this. Thank you for sharing and overcoming your fear of writing. I am certain, that you will certainly exceed sales of over 10,000 copies, trust me!"
"An incredibly succinct compass for any young person, with lots of nuggets of truth for the older reader. It should be a bedside reader, right next to where the scripture book is! From a first-time author, this is a well-written piece both engaging and inspiring…you almost want to yell ‘aha’ at the end of every page. The lessons are at the core of the human enterprise, love, money, getting things done and enjoying the journey, and having Albert’s road map to help one along the way is especially wonderful."

Extracts from the book

In the heart of Congo, in a small village where the sun was always bright and the people friendly, there lived Kabeya and his wife, Anifa. They were happy together and had a young daughter, Mireille.

Kabeya and Anifa wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but they did not have enough money. When Kabeya went out to buy a gift for Anifa, he found that he could not afford anything that he thought was good enough for her. Back home, Kabeya saw his daughter Mireille decorating a small box with gold wrapping paper he had been saving for another occasion. Still thinking of his earlier disappointment, Kabeya lost his temper and scolded young Mireille for wasting the wrapping paper.

The next morning, Mireille gave Kabeya the decorated box. “This is for you, Daddy,” she said.

Kabeya’s anger resurfaced when he saw that the box was empty. “Don’t you know that when you give someone a present, there’s supposed to be something inside?” he yelled at Mireille…….

Since his teenage years, Mbwana had dreamt of becoming wealthy and retiring at age 45. Because of this, his friends gave him the nickname Dar’millionaire—short for Dar es Salaam’s millionaire.

Mbwana worked as a freelance delivery man. Pasted on the delivery box at the back of his motorbike was a portrait of Mohammed Dewji—the richest man in Tanzania—and the number 45 underneath it.

Mbwana worked hard, and he worked long hours. One day, a customer called him late in the night to make a delivery. Initially, he did not want to take the job, as it was about to rain. However, after some persuasion and a higher delivery fee, Mbwana agreed.

Mbwana was to deliver a package to an address in the posh neighbourhood of Masaki. “What a house!” whispered Mbwana, when he arrived at the address, and pressed the doorbell. Mbwana was shocked. The elderly man who opened the front door was Mohammed Dewji, the richest man in Tanzania.

Dela worked as an engineer for Kantanka Automobile, a prestigious car manufacturing company in the industrial city of Tema in Ghana. One day, the company’s president, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, received an unusual complaint from Mr. Osei, a customer who had purchased a Kantanka K71 saloon car.

Mr. Osei claimed that every time he bought fried plantain (kelewele) from the night market, his car would not start. However, if he bought fried yams or any other food, his car would start without any issues. Intrigued by the peculiar nature of Mr. Osei’s problem, the president of Kantanka Automobile sent Dela to investigate.

Dela, a diligent and curious engineer, met Mr. Osei at his home. They agreed to drive to the food vendor together after dinner for several nights to observe the issue. On the first night, Mr. Osei bought fried yam, and the car started without a problem. The second night, he bought fried plantain, and as expected, the car refused to start.

In the sunny town of Gbarnga, near Mount Wuteve in Liberia, lived a humble shopkeeper called Jallah. He was well-known for his kindness and fair prices, making his shop a popular destination for people living in and around Gbarnga. Jallah had a loving wife named Sia, and two sons, Siaka and Tamba.

One day, a terrible storm hit Gbarnga, destroying Jallah’s shop and damaging much of his merchandise. Jallah was devastated, and his sense of self-worth plummeted. The villagers, however, continued to support Jallah and his family, reminding him of his exceptional service and the value he brought to their community.

As Jallah began rebuilding his shop, he struggled with feelings of inadequacy and believed he could never regain his previous success. It had taken years to grow his business and now he had to start all over again. Sia, noticing her husband’s pain, encouraged Jallah to seek advice from a wise woman named Ma Ellen.

In the small fishing village of N’daranka, on the coast of Senegal, there lived a fisherman named Ali. Ali loved fishing more than anything in the world. Every day, he would take his small boat out into the ocean and fish for hours, hoping to bring home a good catch for his family.

After years of fishing, Ali noticed that the waters close to his village were not as abundant with fish as they used to be. Increasingly, Ali had to go farther and farther into the ocean to catch enough fish to make a living. This meant that the fish he caught were no longer fresh by the time he returned to the village.

Determined to solve this problem, Ali decided to install a freezer on his boat to keep the fish fresh. To his dismay, his customers could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. They preferred the fresh fish, so Ali’s sales began to suffer.

About the Author

Jw | Author | Web Developer | husband | Father | Entrepreneur

Albert Yaw Opoku has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and technology: he has worked with not less than one hundred start-ups and multinational companies. An alumnus of the University of Ghana School of Business, Albert further has in his cap, international qualifications in Computer Science and in Technology Innovation from the University of Bath (UK) and Stanford University (USA), respectively; indeed, he is a man of many parts.

His passion for excellence has earned him some awards, such as becoming a Chevening scholar and a British Council Study UK Alumni Awards global winner for Social Impact. Albert is a two-time Ghanaian Professional Achievers Award nominee for the Global Young Professional of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Presently, Albert leads Hapaweb Solutions, a cloud, web and mobile application development company he co-founded and HapaSpace, an innovation hub. He is a proud father of twins, a die-hard Liverpool FC fan, an Asante Kotoko FC fan and a Scrabble addict.

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