Oct 012014

love-309aLove accounts for over eighty percent of songs ever written. For a man, one of the greatest grievances to live with is not to have told the lady you really loved how much you loved her.

Do you remember that girl you first fell in love with, yet you never had the courage to tell her? And then when you finally told her of your feelings for her, she asked you: “Why did you wait so long? I have been waiting for you… I thought you didn’t love me.” Even worse is when it is too late; when she tells you she still has feelings for you, but now belongs to another man and cannot be with you. The one true love of your life is gone forever and it’s all because you didn’t step up to the plate.

Few people are able to find the love they missed; in fact very few, less than five percent of married couples are married to the man or woman they really love or would have loved to be married to. Only a few get the chance to meet another person who they come to love as much as their first love and if there is one thing I will be grateful to God for, it is for including me in this small group who find true love the second time around.

So if you know you are in love with someone now and you have not expressed how you feel about her, please stop reading this book, go grab the phone, and tell her right away. Forget about waiting for the perfect time – the perfect time is now! I hope you are not too late.

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