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networking-building-your-networkOne of the most important ingredients for success in any endeavour is the network you belong to. We live in a time referred to as “the information age”, and your network is key if you are going to get the right information at the right time. Your network is your social capital.

It took me a while to figure out the importance of building strong relationships and maintaining them with constant contact. I am an extrovert, and as such it has always been easy for me to strike up conversations with people I meet. Unfortunately, after the initial contact, I completely forget about them. If you meet a lot of people yourself you will be familiar with this situation.

At one time I looked at the hundreds of business cards in my possession and could not remember over eighty percent of the people. It dawned on me that if I could not remember them, then chances were they wouldn’t remember me. I asked myself, “Will they remember me when they have some vital information I may need?” and “Will they recognize my name when I call them for some assistance or information?” My answer, dear reader was a most emphatic, “No!”

However, if after the initial contact when we exchanged business cards, I had sent them an e-mail or called them up within a week, they would definitely remember me. Now imagine if I was in constant contact twice a month; would they remember me after a year, and would they remember me whenever they had vital information to share? Most likely, the answer is yes!

By now, you must have figured out why it is important to not only build your network by meeting new people, but more importantly why it is vital that you stay in constant contact with them.

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